Central Work Scheduling Solution

An organization encompassing solution for shift organizing for all employees.

Instead of manually organizing shifts use Harmony’s work schedule module, it will help you save precious time planning and organizing your shifts and assigning the most suitable people on the job. The system’s smart assignment algorithm is based on constraint optimization while considering employee, company and customer requirements and enables you to maximize your existing human resource while satisfying your employees and customers alike.

Our work schedule module enables manager to manually organize the weekly schedule during which he may get information on employee weekly hours as well as department’s overall hours scheduled.

It is possible to assign an employee to a project/cost center or allocate him to a different work rule on a certain day. A work schedule report and a work schedule vs. operation at project or department level.

  • Operates on internet and cloud environment
  • Accessibility of portal for display of the work schedule for the next few weeks
  • May be installed at home on customers computing environment
  • Interfacing central HR and attendance systems
  • Saving time invested in creating work schedules
  • Improved scheduling
  • Display of up-to-date information on employee skills, authority and restrictions
  • Defining absence day per employee while taking into consideration the availability of all employees
  • Follow-up on actual shift status
  • Sending SMS or e-mails to employee
  • Alerting on employee overtime
  • Saving historical data and generating follow-up reports and accurate summaries of employee activities and work schedules
  • Flexibility and adjustability of system to support organization work scheduling requirements