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SYNEL’s HARMONY system will manage and control the generation of 6,500 Super-Pharm employees’ paychecks.

Harmony Smartphone

| 18 August, 2013

We are proud to announce that Synel is launching the most advanced application for Time & Attendance on your Smartphone.

The main objective of the seminar was to promote the sales and marketing efforts of the Harmony Solution for the clients and representatives of Mikado.

for 2,500 employees at a large Israeli service & security company.

SY-Face – An Access Control and Attendance system based on innovative face technology will be installed by Synel for Algat

We are pleased to inform you that Synel has launched the most advanced solution for energy saving AND enhanced IT security: SY-CASD – Computer Automatic Shut Down.

Synel is pleased to announce that the Argentine National Justice Authority (Ministry of Justice) has chosen Synel’s complete workforce management solution for managing the employee attendance in the Justice Authority, whose main office is located in Buenos Aires.